I value my privacy and my personal life – and I certainly don’t exploit my personal life
— Scarlett Johansson


Why RootVPN?

RootVPN is a Dutch service of The Privacy Group. We stand for total privacy and optimal security of the RootVPN service. We believe in the constitutional right to stay anonymous on the internet. Although this right has been attacked many times with shady reasons, it is our duty to defend this right and to help others which can’t.

The idea of RootVPN comes from the annoyance of the vague promises which most VPN providers do to you. Most of them promise you not to store logs of any activity on their network while most of them are an US based company. We highly doubt that these two facts can be connected to each other.

RootVPN proofs it can build an anonymous VPN service without the vague promises. If we say that we don’t log, rest assure that we really don’t.

What's this Root thingie all about?

Did you knew that most VPN providers are required by law to log the connections to their VPN servers? And that they are required to provide connection details when they are asked to do so? They can’t help it, it is the law. But the “we don’t log” promise they always make is partially true though. After the verification on the VPN server all traffic will be encrypted and not directly usable for log analyses.

So yes, they don’t log the activities you’re making on the internet. But they do log the most important part, your (ISP) IP. The one you are using to connect to the VPN server. And is that not the biggest part of the reason to hire a VPN server? To hide your IP and your identity?

That is why we give our users full root access to their VPN server. And with full root access you have all the power in your hands to do whatever you want with it.

How can you proof that your company will not log any activity through the VPN servers?

By giving our Premium customers root access to their server. Change your root password whenever you want and do with the logs whatever you want. Route them to /dev/null and nobody knows.

Also all traffic goes through port 443 (HTTPS) so there is no way for us to know what you are doing on the internet.

Which clients our compatible with your service?

All OpenVPN supported clients are compatible with our service. OpenVPN compatible clients are clients which can read .ovpn config files.

Most used clients are:

  • Viscosity (Mac/Windows)
  • Tunnelbrick (Mac)
  • OpenVPN client (official) (Mac/Windows/Linux/iOS/Android)
Can I use my account on more devices?

Yes, you can but you need a Premium account and you need to create a profile for every device you want to connect. There are no limitations on how many devices you can connect, but redistributing our service is not allowed.

What happens when I redistribute your service?

Your account get locked with no possibility for a refund.

What are the payment options?

Bitcoin & Paypal are for now our only payment options.

Use Paypal if privacy is not your main concern.

Use Bitcoin if your privacy is important to you.

What about the FUP (fair use policy) you are using?

All our VPN servers are swimming in the same bandwidth pool we bought in and therefore we have to divide it in the best possible way. Although we bought in a lot, there are always heavy users on our network which could drain our reserves. That is why we have build in a FUP.

Basically every VPN server has around 1000GB per month which seems to be enough for most of our BETA clients (2015-2016).

Which services do you offer?

We offer two services. A shared service and a Premium service. Let us tell you the difference between those two:


  • Up to ten (10) users per VPN server
  • No root access to the VPN server
  • Shared IP address
  • Logging enabled (the same promise everyone is using)
  • Shared bandwidth (FUP 100GB per month)
  • Only one VPN profile (for one device)


  • You are the only user of the VPN server
  • Root access to the VPN server
  • Your own IPv4 IP address
  • Logging enabled (can be disabled by root)
  • Your own bandwidth (FUP approx. 1TB per month)
  • Multiple profiles (for more devices)
Which DNS servers are being used?

At your request we can use your favorite DNS servers, but as default we use the DNS servers of the following:

  • Swiss Privacy Foundation
  • Chaos Computer Club
  • DNScrypt no log DNS servers

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